Swiped Credit Card Transactions

Swiping customer credit cards is what Western Register is all about and we make the experience as intuitive as possible. Follow this guide to learn how to swipe credit cards.

Swiping a Credit Card to Finalize a Transaction

  1. When you are ready to complete your order, tap "Charge".

  2. Tap "Credit Card" to process a credit card payment.

  3. If a card reader is attached to your device, go ahead and swipe.

  4. Present the device to the customer and ask them if they would like the enter a tip value. Allow the customer to tap the tip percentage at the top bar.

  5. Obtain the customer signature by allowing the customer to sign with a stylus or their finger.

  6. Tap "Continue" at the top right corner
  7. Select the Transaction Type: "Sale" or "Authorization".

  8. If you have a printer integrated with your device you can tap "Print Receipt". You can also text or email it to the customer. For more information on sending receipts, please visit our support page:
    Sending Customer Receipts
  9. Tap "Done".

  10. Complete!