Creating Modifiers

Depending on your business, you may have a need to add modifiers to your products that will help you customize the order for your customers. Modifiers can be anything from food toppings to clothes alterations, basically anything that modifies the item on a per-order basis.

Creating New Modifiers to your Products

  1. Tapping on the top left of the navigation pane will allow you to access the various options built into the application.

  2. When navigating to the settings tab in the application by tapping on the top left drop down there is a series of options that can chosen, one of them is Taxes. Tap the "Modifiers" menu item.

  3. In the Modifier Setup Menu tap the "+" Icon at the top right corner.

  4. In the next screen enter the Modifier Name and Dollar Value.

  5. Tap the "Applicable Items" menu to select which item this new modifier would be applicable for.

  6. Flip the slider to green for the item you are going to apply the modifier to. You can also "Apply To All" or "Exclude All" to quickly toggle the selection.

  7. Tap "New Modifier" in the top left corner

  8. Tap "Save".

  9. Complete!