Creating New Items and Products

Creating items is as simple as taking a picture of a physical product, adding a description and a price! The built in camera and image support in the applicatin allows you to easily add Item Price, how the item is sold, and the associated barcode. Step through the following support guide and you'll master it in no time!

Creating New Items

  1. From The Main Screen tap the bottom navigational tab "Item".

  2. Tap the Edit button to enter the Item Management Page.

  3. Tap the "+" in the top right corner.

  4. The following page allows you to enter all of the details behind your new product. Tap the Photo button to edit the image of the Item.

  5. You can either add a default color from the options or Tap the Photo Button and have the option of selecting your own personalized photo from your device.

  6. Add a Name to the new Item (Label Textbox) and Tap off the Menu to get back to the Item Details.

  7. Complete the Item details such as Item Name, Price, and how you intend to sell the item (Each, lbs, kg, oz, etc).

  8. Tap "Save" once you're satisified with all of the details!

  9. Now when you go back to the main application page you'll see your newly added items in the menu!

  10. Complete!