Creating New Item Discounts

There will be occasions throughout the year when you would like to apply discounts to either specific items or complete orders. This walkthrough guides you through the process of adding discounts.

Creating New Discounts

  1. Tapping on the top left of the navigation pane will allow you to access the various options built into the application.

  2. When navigating to the settings tab in the application by tapping on the top left drop down there will be a series of options that can be chosen, one of them is Discounts. Tap the "Discounts" menu item.

  3. Tap the "+" in the top right corner to add a new Discount.

  4. Enter the Discount Name and the Discount Value.

  5. Tap on the Discount Type to change the value type.

  6. You can either choose "Percentage" or "Exact Amount" for the value type.

  7. Tap "New Discount" once you've selected the Discount Value Type to return back to the Discount Entry Form.

  8. Tap "Apply To" to select the items that you wish to apply this discount to.

  9. Select either "Every Item" or "Specific Items" for your discount. If you choose to add the discount to certain items, tap the slider on the individual items.

  10. Once you are satisfied with the items you are applying your discount to, tap the "New Discount" button to return back to the Discount Entry Form.

  11. Tap "Save" once you are satisfied with all of the input.

  12. Complete!