Managing Taxes

Managing Taxes for your business is done infrequently, but this guide will help refresh your memory and get you back on track!

Managing Taxes Within the Application

  1. Tapping on the top left of the navigation pane will allow you to access the various options built into the application.

  2. When navigating to the settings tab in the application by tapping on the top left drop down there is a series of options that can chosen, one of them is Taxes. Tap the "Taxes" menu item.

  3. In the tax menu you will see the current taxes that have been configured.

  4. Select the Tax that you would like to modify. In our example we will modify the "NV" Tax.

  5. On the following screen we can modify any of the fields(Name, Tax Amount, Apply To Entire Order) or Delete the Tax Altogether.

  6. If you intend to delete the Tax, Tap "Delete". CAUTION: Be careful when deleting a Tax as this cannot be undone!

  7. Tap "OK" if you are sure you want to Delete the Tax.
  8. Complete!