Adding Products to Categories

So you've just recently created your new categories, now what? You can now add your items and organize them under your newly created categories! This walkthrough will guide you through the process.

Adding Products To Categories

  1. Tapping on the top left of the navigation pane will allow you to access the various options built into the application.

  2. Tap the "Items" section to manage your Items.
  3. In the following menu you will see all your items listed along with the categories.

  4. If you haven't added any items to specific categories they will be automatically listed under "All Items".
  5. To add an item to a category, tap the item from the list of items. In our example we will modify the "French Baguette".

  6. Tap the Category Button.

  7. Select one of the categories that you've already created.

  8. Tap "Save" in the top right corner.

  9. You can now visit the categories tab and see your item properly organized!

  10. Complete!