Guided Tour Through the Application

When you launch the application for the first time you'll have the option to go through the guided tour. This tour is specific for new users and will help you quickly familiarize yourself around the various screens. We recommend you at least go through this once!

Initial App Launch

  1. When you launch the application for the first time you will be presented with a dialog box that will ask you if you would like a tour.

  2. The tutorial is officially activated once you've tapped "Ok". You'll see various helpful orange hints throughout the application.

  3. Once you've added an item or a default dollar amount, a dialog box will instruct you to tap "Charge".

  4. Navigating around the bottom tabs will lead you to the Discounts Tab. To learn more about how to add and manage your discounts, please visit our support page: Setting Up Discounts

  5. The New Item Page allows you to Create and Manage Items. Please visit our support page for Item Creation and Management for more details:     Creating New Items     Manage Your Items

  6. Tapping on the top left of the navigation pane will allow you to access the various options built into the application.

  7. When you Navigate to the settings tab in the application by tapping on the top left drop down there will be a series of options that you can change, one of them is Modifiers. To learn more about the modifiers, please visit the support link: Setting Up Modifiers

  8. Complete!

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