Customer Receipts

Your customers will vary in the way they would like their receipt delivered to them. Some are traditional and want a print out, some would like an email and others would like a text. This support page will help guide you through the process!

Printing, Emailing and/or Texting Customer Receipts

  1. Once you've processed your payment, you will be directed to the Receipt screen.

    If you need help processing a payment, please review our support links:

  2. If you have a printer that you've already setup and configured, tap the "Print Receipt" button.

  3. If you receive a port error that is an indication that your WiFi or Bluetooth printer is not configured. Please configure your device by following our support page: Configuring Your Printer
  4. If you would like to text the receipt, tap the box for the phone number and input the customer number. Tap "Send" once complete.

  5. If you would like to email the receipt, tap the box for the email address and type in the customer email. Tap "Send" once complete.

  6. Tap "Done" once you've completed issuing a receipt to the customer.
  7. Complete!